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osu! UCI hosted its first tournament on 10 May 2015 as part of the Press Start LAN. It was a one day event that was split into two parts: Swiss rounds and a top 8 single elimination bracket. We tried to cater for a wide variety of ranked players, hopefully giving everyone plenty of time to play and enjoy the event. Even in the easier Swiss rounds we saw some great matches. Plenty of games went into tiebreakers, and we even saw crazy games like 35000vr and Andrew's insanely close SS:

In between the Swiss and top 8 bracket, we had a fun friendly match with our friends at UCSD. We put up HappyStick, jawnmewn, Aoyama Mio, and leluffy up against bananamilk, Andrew, Harrharrqi, and xxdeathx. We, uh, ended up winning with our *cough* ringer(s), but it's all in good fun!

After that, the top 8 saw some surprising games back and forth between players. Some matches ended in quick 3-0's or 4-0's, but the most unexpected of all was Shintomo's 3-2 victory over HappyStick, and this was after Shintomo happened to sneak into the quarterfinals when a player from group 1 left the tournament early. Topping off all the action was a stellar grand final between 35000vr and jawnmewn. Going through all 9 games, 35000vr barely took the exhausting win over his opponent.

Overall, for our first tournament, I'm really satisfied with how we did. We had some troubles with streaming and delayed the grand finals for some time, but other than these hiccups we didn't have any major issues. We've learned lots from this one and hope to host another great tournament in the future. Thanks everyone for coming!