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As part of our club activities, we're making an effort to hold regular osu! tournaments for our club members and for other osu! players. We're always looking for an opportunity to help host a tourney as part of local LANs or online events. Please contact the officers if you'd like to organize a tournament with us!

Project Winter: Anteater Stage! 2024

Fifth osu! Winter LAN 2023

Night Fall LAN 2020

Zotcade 2019

Third osu! Winter LAN 2019

Zotcade 2018

Second Winter osu! LAN 2018

Zotcade 2017

osu! UCI Winter LAN 2017

Zotcade 2016

osu! UCI Fall LAN

osu! UCI Summer League 2015

Press Start: Irvine 2015